The WRRF Boathouse is located in the flats at 1948 CARTER ROAD :

     From 90 East exit at Ontario Street.

     Make a right at the exit and go straight through the light moving to the left side of the road in front of Jacob's field. 

     Make a left turn and take the EAGLE Street Bridge, the green bridge just west of Gateway down into the flats. 

     After you cross the bridge, continue straight past the Firehouse through the first traffic light.  

     The traffic light intersects at Scranton. 

     Follow the gradual turn to the left and slow as you pass the blue Carter Road Bridge. 

     The entrance to the boathouse is adjacent to the bridge on the right. 

     Look for a metal fence and open gravel parking lot. 

     Continue to the back of the lot, leaving room to access the large overhead garage doors.

     The phone number for the Boathouse is 216.621.WRRA.

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