SI 2005 Coaches

Carlson, Doug - Head Sculling Coach

Doug is a self-taught sculler who has sculled competitively for the past several years.

Previts, Matt - Head Coach

Coach since Fall 2001, Matt was a champion lightweight coxswain for the Wildcats from 1994 to 1997. He went on to found the rowing program at Spring Hill College and was selected as Head Coach in the Fall of 2003.

Saer, Don - Head Novice Coach

Coach since 1995, he became Head Novice Coach in 1997. Don rowed at MIT and was also a novice Coach for his alma mater.

Monroe, Pat - Coach

Coach since 1999, Pat formerly acted as rigger and has been an intergral part of the organization since 1996. Pat's son, Brian Monroe, rowed Lightweight for Saint Ignatius and graduated in 1999.

Bramante, Andy - Coach

Novice Coach since 1999, Andy rowed on the 1978 Eastern Sprints Championship Crew at Dartmouth. He has been a member of the Ignatius Community since 1996.

Kozak, Jim - Coach

Jim was a member of the Wildcat Crew from 1996 to 1999 and was a member of several Midwest Championship Crews. He went on to row at Vanderbilt University.

Sebataitis, Paul - Coach

Valerian, Bob - Coach Emeritus

Head Coach of Saint Ignatius Crew since 1990, Bob rowed for Georgetown University (CAS'64) and was a member of the 1963 Dad Vail Championship Crew.